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Dr. John A. Infantolino has been providing health management to Ocean County for over 25 years. As an Internist he specializes in treating diseases that affect adults of all ages. His vast knowledge of diseases, conditions and other chronic illnesses allows him to treat and manage your health if several illnesses happen to strike you at one time. He has an understanding about wellness and is able to teach his patients about disease prevention and the promotion of good health. Dr. Infantolino is able to diagnose, treat and manage other health issues, such as women's health, substance abuse, and provides treatment of commons problems with the eyes, ears, skin, nervous system and reproductive organs. His real specialty is the care of his patient's health. Whether you are seen in his office, nursing home or hospital, Dr. Infantolino is there to coordinate your care and manage difficult medical problems when other specialists are required. If you are in need of a new physician to manage your health, Please call our office for an appointment.

What is an Internist

An Internist compiles a comprehensive "case file" on each patient-detailing the present symptoms and a history of physical and emotional difficulties. The mark of an Internist is Thoroughness and compilation of Medical history. The study of the Medical history is done meticulously taking as much time as deemed necessary. As a historian often predicts through knowledge of the past, so an internist diagnoses illness from a patient’s medical history and symptoms. Through analysis and interpretation of a patient's medical history, physical condition, and the results of modern scientific tests, the Internist is trained to reach a diagnostic conclusion by considering even seemingly unrelated clues.

As A Personal Physician

Internists establish caring and continuing relationships with their patients. Dr. Infantolino recognizes each individual has unique needs and medical management is individualized for each patient.

As A Consultant

The Internist's special knowledge and diagnostic skills are extensive. As a Consultant, Dr. Infantolino will not personally undertake treatment unless the referring physician requests them to do so.

The Value Of An Internist

The fees charged by the Internists, as a Medical Specialist, are generally somewhat higher than those of the general practitioner in keeping with the overall structure of medical fees. The Internist's fees are, quite naturally, directly related to the value of the time devoted to the diagnosis of the patient's illness, to its management and to the complexity of judgment required in the case.

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Services provided:

  • Annual Physical
  • Dot Physical
  • EKG
  • Impacted Cerumen Removal
  • School Physical
  • Sick Well Visit
  • Suboxone Treatment Program
  • Vaccinations